Why we love PVC/Vinyl Backdrops!

Let’s talk about a little obsession we have here at the Florence James Collective Studio…PVC/Vinyl Backdrops!

In world full of endless options, Sometimes it’s easy to question, what really is the best backdrop option to use for product photography?

Well, that is totally up to the creator and their preference but here’s some reasons why I personally love using these materials.


PVC and Vinyl can last through many shoots if properly cared for. It doesn’t ‘wrinkle or crinkle’ easily and they are highly water resistant (great for those messy shots)

Tip: Although they are water resistant, let’s call a spade a spade. Stay clear of liquids and elements that stain like red wines if you want to reuse your backdrop… trust me.. we learnt the hard way.

Unlike PVC/Vinyl, if you choose to use paper, you’ll find it creases extremely easily and is very prone to stains and deterioration with elements like water, powders, dirt and more. So it really is a no brainer if you’re planning on getting super creative.

When we are finished with a shoot, we simply give it a wipe over.


These backdrops can be printed with endless amount of patterns like tiles, creative prints, quirky designs and solid colours. Depending on the supplier, Most are printed with a matte finish which helps to reduce reflections cause by your studio lighting.

One of our favourite ways to use our coloured backdrops, is to contrast with similar tones. We love how a two tone dimension looks and creates depth in our photography and videography! So you will usually find pink on pink, purple on purple etc.


Like many, we have spent hours painting MDF Boards but nothing is as quick and easy as ordering them online and comfortably waiting for them to arrive (We send our design files to our local printer however there are many companies online).

In addition, sometimes your set can be tiny, sometimes it can be big, so another advantage is that you can get the size you need (we use 90cm x 120cm) and many companies will customise your colours or prints to meet your specifications.

Storage and Transportation

Along with their durability and endless design options, They are incredibly easy to transport to an on-location shoot and even easier to use! We mount ours with blue tac to a vertical surface, lay flat, or clip to a C Stand.

Another huge advantage is that they are really easy to store! We either roll them up or lay them flat, and they’re not a pain in the BUTT to manoeuvre from shoot to shoot. So unlike our other options, PVC backdrops are an efficient way to store a large variety of designs and limit the amount of space you’re taking up in your working area.


You should be cautious that lighting plays a big factor when shooting and can easily reduce the vibrancy of a colour hue that you may see in person. What is the resolution? Consider a hue of that is bit more vibrant and bold.

For example, if you’re looking for a pastel pink, go a little darker than you usually would.


Stay Tuned for more tips on the props that we use in our studio!