Defining Brands with Video Visuals

An engaging video will captivate an audience within seconds

When creating video content for your brand it is our highest priority to ensure we create material that ultimately engages your audience but also sells. Our aim is to make every single video unique and jaw dropping to stop your potential customers in their tracks.

Check out some of our video and stop motion content!

What we create

Stop Motion

Itty bitty branding videos that are fun and engaging, showcasing how amazing your business or service really is within seconds. Stop Motions are created by 100’s of images which are then composed into quirky video material.

Product Video

The FJC favourite. We create exciting, original and engaging video that steps away from the norm. Flying fruits to splash shots, floating products and more. We think outside the box on how we can captivate your customers and for longer.

Creative Video Clips

Short video clips that demand attention. We add a bit of razzle dazzle by capturing motion videos on set and turning them into magic. Sauce drips, ice cream melting, splash shots, bubbles and more. Captivate your consumers with video material.

Animated Graphics/Images

The magic not only lies within the illustration or photo, but also how we can add more life and interaction within that content. We can add fun elements to your content like steam in coffee cups, squiggles, call outs, sparkles and more!

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Discover the value of Video Content for your Business

Key Factors for Video Content

Creative Direction

Having a clear yet creative approach when it comes to producing a video that will add value to your marketing plan is crucial. We think outside the box and add a modern, quirky but engaging approach to all projects.

Styling and Set

We will never create average material. It’s a priority that your video content is different, eye catching and unique. To do this, we source hard to find props and will custom create your backgrounds/sets.


It’s important to us that we not only understand your business values but to build a solid foundation of trust and understand your goals for what you want to achieve from this project. Plus, we are pretty cool and love all our clients!

Post Production

The magic not only lies within the shoot but also in what we can do in post production. Here we whip out our magical powers and turn pretty cool shots into absolutely epic material. We add creative elements like sound effects, music and special effects and so much more.

Lets talk investments..

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to pricing for video projects. This is because videos are unique to your particular brand and content goals, not to mention every single project is so incredibly different… which is how we roll. If you would like a quote for your next video project, send us a message!

First we chat!

First steps first - when you reach out to us, we will have a chat either via email, over the phone, zoom or if you live close by we welcome you into our studio! We will go through the ins and outs of your product or service, understanding your brand and business including your goals for the project.

Design + Quote

After speaking with you about your goals and your requirements - we will then design a creative brief, draft a story board, create unique concepts for your brand and design a proposal for your project.

Time to create magic

If you decide you're super dooper keen to get started, we then get stuck into pre prep and put on our creative caps! We will then begin to create the magic in our studio using high quality equipment, lighting, a huge range of backgrounds and props... oh and coffee.


Once we have completed the shoot, we bring your content over to post production where we do some epic wizardry skilled stuff to your video by adding epic transitions, copy, copyright free sound track, animations etc and then your content is ready to be seen by the world!

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