Video Productions

We combine surrealistic art direction and cutting-edge technology, to create video content that jumps off the screen

Why video?

Well, it’s simple: an engaging video will captivate your audience within seconds.

And in a world that’s quickly moving towards motion design, we’re here to keep you ahead of the rest, while never forgetting our ultimate goal: to create content that sells.

Ready to add some motion to your arsenal?
Here’s what we offer.

Promo Video Productions

Consider these your “mini” commercial for your chosen hero product, upcoming launch, or even an overview of your product range. There are a multitude of exciting, engaging and electrifying ways to position your products and brand in a promo or product video - and that is why they’re a FJC favourite. Whether you’d like to see your products float, add some splash shots, send things flying or keep it a *bit* more tame, we’re in for the fun of it all.

Stopmotion & GIFS

Sometimes, less is more. We’ll create itty-bitty, vibrant and engaging videos that showcase your incredible product and brand within seconds. Created by the strategic use and placement of hundreds of images, stop motions are a fun way to add small bits of motion + attract the eye to your social media and website.

Video Clips

We believe in commanding your audience’s attention, and short video clips just so happen to be a great way to do so. Our short video clips are a fun add-on to our traditional photography packages, in that they fuse the makings of a simple photo, and that of a longer video, into one happy motion clip. Sauce drips and melting ice cream? We’ve got you covered. Splash shots and bubbles? Say no more. We’ll call it all captivating.

Phantom 4k & Robotic Arm

Remember when we mentioned “cutting-edge technology” earlier? Well, this was what we meant. Predominantly seen in television commercials or larger campaigns, Phantom 4k footage allows us to create higher quality, slower motion video content that’s as fit for the big screen, as it is your phone.

Animated Graphics

Animated Graphics

Picture your still imagery, and then add a bit of magic. But by magic, we mean: steam, squiggles, call outs, sparkles and more. We’ll add life and interactivity to still imagery and illustrations to draw the eye, and tell the story your product, food or brand has to tell.

Eye-catchingly fun and quirky full-cycle videography,

done simply.

Creative Direction

Video content requires a combination of two equally important details: clarity, and concision. We’ll create a modern, quirky and engaging approach to your video project that speaks to your marketing plan, and captivates your audience.

Styling & Set Design

If you’ve learned anything about FJC, you’ve likely noticed that we steer away from anything average. We prioritise creating eye-catchingly uncommon motion and video content – and to do so, we source hard to find props and create custom backgrounds and sets.


We’ll partner with you to establish a solid foundation of trust before ever hitting “record.”  In doing so, we’ll have spent the time to gather your feedback, marketing strategy and brand needs, while sharing our creative direction and ideas for the project. By the time our shoot day rolls around, you’ll be sitting pretty.


Here’s where we like to pretend we wave our magic wand, and instantly beautify things – but with video content, it’s not quite that simple. We’ll work behind the scenes to retouch, adjust and enhance our video footage, while adding creative elements like sound effects, music, and more.

Don’t worry, we’re not just the talent.

We’ll create the full brief and storyboard, and plan the direction of your video project. You’ve got enough on your plate.

How it works

A marketing strategy will never be one size fits all, and neither should your video content. Your videos, animated illustrations and stop motions will be unique to your specific brand and content needs, and because of that, we’ll always offer a customized approach. If you’re ready to start the process + grab a quote for your upcoming video project, check out our process below.

First, we’ll chat

After you reach out to us and complete our brief intake form, we’ll schedule a call. From there, we’ll explore the ins and outs of your product or service, and work to understand your brand and marketing goals.

Then, We'll Design

After our call, our team will review your goals and project needs, and then create a customised creative brief. We’ll also include a storyboard and unique concepts that will help you to see the vision we’ve dreamt up, from our point of view.

We’ll make the magic

Once we’ve received your approval on our brief, we’ll throw ourselves into pre-production. Through the use of high quality equipment, lighting, and a huge range of backgrounds and props (and coffee), we’ll produce the video that your audience wants and needs.

Finally, we’ll send a stork

Fine, your video content will be delivered stork-free, but no one will say it won’t be stork-worthy. After our shoot is complete, we’ll move your content over to our in-house post-production team. We’ll add incredible transitions, copy, sound tracks, animations and more – and all you’ll have to do after that is share your content with the world.

Build, Create, Design, Engage, Lets do it together!

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