Bringing your content together

Creative Illustrations, Rebrands and Graphics

It’s one thing to have good content, but it’s another to create a brand identity and keep it consistent throughout your colour schemes, logos, website aesthetics, style guide and social media. Creating an overall brand is like creating a personality that your consumers can easily recognise as your own. It’s a visual representation that is memorable but also allows your consumers to clearly identify who you are.

Branding Elements

Branding Design

Defining a brand is like designing a personality and how the world views you. Are you dark and moody, soft and feminine, prestige and luxury? We further develop your brand through a variety elements like branding guidelines, colour schemes, graphic design and more.

Animated Graphics/images

The magic not only lies within the images but also in how we can bring them to life. From photographs or illustrations, we can animate your content to create fun and engaging video material that will have your audience captivated for longer.

Creative Illustration & Social Media Elements

Illustrations, graphic posts, highlight icons are a way to communicate a variety of elements about your business. Having these assets is the cherry on top of your already delicious cake- it’s just that little bit extra that carries your image beyond your competitor.

Bringing your content together

Our Branding Options

From start ups or rebrands, we have a variety of options to suit many branding and digital needs.

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Branding + Logo Design

Illustration & Social Media Elements

Packaging  & Marketing

Animated Graphics

Branding that sells

Ever wondered why you gravitate towards products with cool packaging?

Well that’s because core branding and package design can subconsciously communicate an experience and targets you as an ideal customer using symbolism & colours which define their brand & product. For example, green branding & packaging will communicate that the products category could be in health or perhaps it’s natural formula, white can communicate skin care and pink can communicate a female dominant product where as grey could communicate masculinity.

Having strategised and unique packaging is a part of your sales presentation to engage potential customers.

Illustrations that engage

Graphic elements that engage your customers

Creative illustrations can further define your brand and share a story through fun assets that align with your products and business. We create still illustrations or animated graphics to be featured throughout your website, emails, social media and ads.

Recycling Content

You’ve got the content but you want to add something special on top to make the most out of your assets?

Graphic illustrations and video animations are a fun way to “recycle” material you already have (or create new content, yolo). We can bring your images to life with delicious drips, steam, glitter, bubbles, quirky movements to create a story and more!

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