Ever wanted a miniature movie scene, just for fun?

If so, we get that sentiment – and that’s why we’re here.

We create branded sets that serve as miniature movie scenes to tell your story, and entice your audience.

It’s like what you see on the big screen, only way cuter.

Have you ever needed a complex, vibrant and layered movie scene for your product imagery, videography and stop motions, but haven’t known where to start? 

Well, we’ve got a thing for creating scenes and sets. Consider us your partners for everything from conceptualisation, to final creation. 

The best part? We’ll do the work, and you’ll keep the rest.

Our Set Design Process


When you reach out to us, be sure to share your initial ideas, marketing strategy and overall brand goals! From there, we’ll schedule time to chat through your set design needs in greater detail, and answer any questions you might have.

Collaboration & Design

Once we’ve had the chance to connect with you over the phone, we’ll design visual concepts that’ll reflect the overall message and vision for your set design project. We’ll include a collection of inspiration to share with you that’ll also communicate the style of the scene. Lastly, we’ll share details on the approximate budget needed to meet and exceed your set design goals.


Our in-house team of creative professionals will work to create the miniature movie scene of your brand’s dreams. We’ll take care of the prop sourcing, shopping, element gathering and necessary outsourcing to ensure that every component of your set’s build is designed to perfection. 

We take the fictitious, and make it tangible.

Let’s give your brand the story it deserves.

Ready to add a custom set to your life?

Let’s get the magic started.

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