Compellingly strategic product photography with just a touch of whimsy.

Because one can never have too much.

Your products deserve captivating product photography that actually sells.

The life cycle of a product begins with its storefront – that’s where it’s given the chance to build a visual identity, and leave a lasting impression.

The key to showcasing your product in a way that’s undeniably true to your brand, and artistically eye-catching? Product photography that engages and excites.

Our team of creatives will work to understand your goals, content requirements, marketing strategies and what makes your product special and different, all while planning, creating, shooting and editing the imagery of your business’ dreams. 

Because we have one goal in mind: to create imagery that stops your audience’s scroll, and wins their business.

That’s full-cycle product photography, not for the faint of heart.


Simplistic hero images that shine a spot light on your product

Product Portraits

What better way to sell your products to humans than with content that allows your consumers to imagine real life experiences


High quality product images for Web, Amazon listings or deep etched transparent backdrops for campaign posters

Creative Scenes

Immersive creative scenes with extensive set styling and creative concepts. Telling stories with your products

We'll take care of..

Concept Design

Not only is it our job to create uncommon, unique and beautiful visual material for your brand, but we’ll ensure that our visuals remain on brand, and tell your product’s story. Through our comprehensive intake process, we’ll dig deeper to understand your marketing strategy and content goals, as well as your initial concept.

Pre Production

We’re allergic to creating average material, which means that we’ll need unique tools to create incredible content. Our props, sets, ingredients, backdrops and tools are sourced and created in-house, so as to ensure that we achieve the visuals you’ve been craving.


This is where things get fun. Our team of creative professionals will work collectively to bring our shoot concepts to life. We’ll style each and every set, and play with lights and textures to suit the overall theme of your products and brand. It’s a magical thing.

Editing + Retouching

We mentioned magic, right? If we’re honest, most of the magic happens in post-production. In our last stage of the photography process, we spend the time to turn the imagery we created into the showstopping, attention-grabbing visual content your brand needs. And we do that all before delivering everything to you, on a sparkly pink platter.

Behind every successful shoot is a bit of a process. Here’s ours.


Once you reach out to us, we’ll take the time to learn your content goals, asset requirements and timeline. From there, we’ll create a customised proposal that suits your needs, and creative vision.


When you’re ready to give us the green light and snag a spot, we’ll send a 50% booking deposit and contract your way. From there, all you’ll have to do is send your products to our studio - and we’ll begin the hard work: designing your brief, creating a mood board, and outlining your shot list. (Also known as pre-production)


After we wrap up pre-production and send those materials your way, we’ll get to work on shooting the images.

(this is the messy part)


Generally speaking, our photography projects take anywhere between 2-6 weeks from start to finish. Once we’ve finished your shoot, we’ll send a preview for your review, and then get to work editing and packaging up your beautiful new images.

Pricing & Investments

At the center of everything we do, we operate with one priority in mind: making your business stand out. Whether you’d like to explore monthly retainers, or a one-time project, we’ll take the time to chat through your needs, prior to giving you a customised proposal. 

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