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Creative Product Photography that engages

Your online presence is essentially your store front. It creates a visual identity and lasting first impressions. We collectively analyse your goals, content requirements and marketing strategies to create unique, original and down right awesome content for your business. Your content will be coming in hot and it will make your competitors wonder how you do it!

Our Services

Concept Design

A huge part of creating unique material, is creating unique ideas while ensuring they are still on brand. We do this by digging deeper into your marketing strategies and content goals.

Pre Production

We will never create average material which means we require unique tools to create magical content. We source props, build sets, shop for ingredients, cook, bake, create, cut and glue! You name it.

Creating Magic

Lights, camera, action! Our team collectively works together to bring your shoot to life. We style each set, light accordingly to suit the over all theme and capture your products magically.

Post Production

The magic not only lies within the shoot but also in what we can do in post production. Here we whip out some magical powers and turn pretty cool shots into absolutely epic material.

Project Options

Pricing & Investments

We offer a variety services to create you down right epic material.

As every brand is so uniquely different in every way, we custom quote based on your project requirements.

If you’re ready to create jaw dropping content for your business, please complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss all things magic content.

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The Process

Enquiry + Quote

When you reach out to us, we discuss your content goals and asset requirements. Based on your needs, we will then tailor a proposal that best suits your needs.

Accept + Send

If you decide you're ready to press go, We send a 50% booking deposit and contract to secure a project timeline, ensuring your content delivery date is always met. We then have the products sent to our studio and begin pre production.

Time to create magic

Once we have collectively completed pre production which includes designing your brief, creating a mood board and outlining your shot list requirements for your project, we will then begin creating magic.


Our projects take 2-3 weeks from start to finish. Once we have completed creating the assets, we send through a preview and finalise all the remaining elements of your content.

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