How to create an EASY glow effect in your product photography

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Im going to teach you an EASY lighting technique to add a soft and beautiful glow, that you can use in your very own product photography! 

What you need: 

  • Whether you’re using a constant light or strobe, you will need a minimum of 2 lights to achieve this look.
  • Either a small stand or box to lift up your “glow” light
  • Your camera, your products and a table


This method can be applied in many types of photography, but for the sake of simplifying this blog, Im going to refer to table-top product photography as the example.

Before we do any styling, we need to build the foundation of our work space.

To start, bring the table you will be shooting on forward to ensure there is space between your scene and backdrop. We often use light-weight printed backdrops that we blu-tac to the wall or paper backdrops on C-stand.

From there, we place our first light either on the ground or on a box (you can also use a small stand) underneath our table, making sure its pointing directly out our backdrop. This is going to be our “glow” strobe.

TIP: The further away your strobe is from the backdrop, the larger the spread of light. The closer your strobe is to the backdrop, the smaller (and harsher) the glow. You can also use different modifiers (soft boxes) to change the shape of the glow.

We like a small glow so we often keep the strobe pretty close.

Once your first strobe is set up (your glow strobe), you can move on to lighting your products.

For our style of product photography, We like to use a bare strobe (as we love harsh shadows) but we will sometimes opt to use soft box if that is the theme of the photoshoot.

You can refer to our illustration guide or follow our instagram for more BTS footage!

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