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FJC creative studio

Florence James Collective is an all-in-house content production agency. We design, create, build, bake, style, glue, cut, shoot, edit and all of the above on every.single.shoot. Our mission is to create unique and eye catching material that is like no other. Our signature look is to use fun quirky props and bring an abundance of light and colour to your products & services whilst strategising every piece of content.

Concept + Direct

Not only is it our job to create uncommon, unique and beautiful visual material for your food and products, but we’ll ensure that our photography, videography and design elements remain on brand, and tell your subject’s story. We’ll achieve this by digging deeper to understand your marketing strategy and content goals, and learning more about your initial concept through a comprehensive intake process.

Create + Shoot

The best thing about FJC? We’re a team of creative professionals, each with a knack of our own - meaning that we use and create unique tools and resources to achieve incredible content.
Our props, sets, ingredients, backdrops and tools are sourced and created in-house, so as to ensure that we achieve the vibrantly uncommon visuals you’ve been craving.
As a team, we’ll work collectively to bring the shoot concepts we (that’s you + us), dream up, to life. We’ll style each and every set, while playing with lights and textures to suit the overall theme of your brand.
It’s enough to make you believe in magic.

Post Perfection

When it comes to our photography + videography, most of the magic happens in post-production. Because we believe in finishing what we started, we’ll spend the time to ensure your content turns into the showstopping, attention-grabbing work that your brand needs. And if we happen to deliver everything to you on a sparkly pink platter, that’s just an added bonus.

Still curious? Check out our FAQs.

How does the process start?

The beginning of a creative project can feel daunting, which is why we’re prepared to assist you with a well-structured process! When you first reach out, we’ll send you an intake form to complete which will outline the details on your project – we’ll learn a bit about your creative brief, your vision, and content requirements.

From there, we’ll hop on a brief call with you to chat through things in greater detail – because it’s important to us that we actually get to know you, too. Then, we’ll create a customised proposal based on your scope of work, and if you decide to jump on board, we’ll send you a booking deposit (50%) and contract before securing a project timeline. 

What are your rates?

Needs can and do vary from client to client, and project to project. Because we want to be cognisant of never creating a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer customised projects and pricing. 

Once we have the opportunity to gain an understanding of your needs, we’ll provide a custom quote based on the scope of work you share. If you have a set budget, let us know, and we’ll be happy to let you know what we might be able to create for you! 

To request a custom proposal, click here!

How long will my project take?

We generally book 4 weeks in advance. But of course, the length of your project will be determined by your scope of work and needs, but we recommend allocating a total of 5-6 week for your project, from start to finish. 

You’ll need:

2 weeks for pre-production

Arguably the most important part of the process, pre-production is where we’ll create your brief, design based on your concepts, discuss ideas, receive your products, complete booking deposits, finalise paperwork, prep props and book talent. 


1-2 weeks to shoot

A majority of our projects are shot over multiple days. Due to the nature of our set styling, one image might take up to 4-5 hours to style and shoot – so we always make sure to allot plenty of time to create. 


2 weeks for post-production

AKA, 2 weeks to create the magic. In post-production, we colour grade and carefully retouch each individual asset to ensure that your visual content is no less than incredible. 

What if I need content immediately?

If you’re in need of content within a quicker window of time (and if our schedule allows it), you do have the option to expedite your project for an additional fee. To inquire about an expedited project, just send us an email!

Do I have to pay for the props?

In every project we concept and design, we require that our clients allocate a prop budget, for purchases of anything that we may not already have in our studio. As an example, that might include fresh ingredients for styling and preparing.

The great news is that our FJC studio is fully stocked with incredible props and backdrops that we’re happy to use, should they fit the needs of your brief and project. If your content needs equipment, props or ingredients that our studio doesn’t have, we’ll purchase the items on your behalf and add the receipt to your final invoice.

Can we have the RAW files?

Because we stand behind every single piece of content we create, we’re proud to say that we do not release raw files. We want our work to be a true representation of our craft and your brand, and many times, that representation is achieved during post-production.

How do usage & licensing work?

A majority of our clients utilise the content we create across multiple platforms, which include website and social media. Due to that, we include a 1-year usage license for each project – however, we retain the ownership copyright of the assets we create. 

Once we’ve processed your final payment, we’ll release the usage rights so that you can use your content across organic social media posts, and your website. 

If need be, additional licensing can always be purchased if the content is used on larger commercial platforms like ads, television, magazines, billboards, buses, franchise advertisement, or if it is to be distributed to 3rd parties (which can include content with other businesses, bloggers, grocery departments and more).

Unless otherwise agreed upon, we reserve the right to post and use all material on social media for our own business’ advertisement.

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