Frequently Asked Questions

Im all out of ideas and don’t know what I need, can you help on the creative process?

Absolutely. We offer art direction and concept design with every project. Some clients come with the ideas and requirements and we need to execute them, others have no idea and require some extra assistance!

I live interstate/internationally but would still like to work with you! Can you tell me how?

We have a few options here depending on your project!

  • Product Shoots:

95% of our clients are interstate or international. Wondering how this works? We collectively design a detailed brief and shot list to ensure we are creating material that you absolutely love and need. We have your items sent to our studio to begin creating magic and then will return them on completion of the project.

  • Creators on Location

For shoots that require us to be on location, good news for you, we travel!

Factors to consider:

Additional costs for flights and accommodation

Additional costs for travel (fixed rates – As we are away from the studio)

Feel free to reach out if this is the case and we can discuss further!



I really love your work but your prices arent within my budget! Can we negotiate?

Absolutely! Once we get an understanding of your needs, we  custom quote based on the scope of work. If you have a set budget, you can let us know and we can advise what we can do for you!

Our project minimum is $3000 AUD.

I have a strict deadline! Can you help?

We often get clients email us who need super quick turn around times as a campaign or opportunity may have crept up. In this scenario, we can do our best to accomodate with your deadline depending on our schedule!

We will always be upfront about our availability, however we have expedite options for speedy turn arounds. We do ask our clients to be mindful that this means we will be working after hours and weekends which is why we have the additional fees. Email us for more info.

Will I need to pay for props?

Pending the brief, we require clients allocate a prop budget on each project. This is to purchase anything that we may not have or fresh ingredients for styling/preparing. We purchase the items on your behalf and add the receipt to your invoice for reimbursement.

Who owns the copy right of the content created?

For majority of our clients, the content is used across multiple platforms like website and Social media so we include a 1 year usage licence into each project however we always retain the ownership copyright of the assets we create.

Once payment has been processed, we release the usage rights to use the content across social media and your website.

Additional licensing fees will incur if the content we create is used on larger commercial platforms like Ads, television, magazines, billboards, buses, franchise advertisement or be distributed to 3rd parties (sharing content with other businesses, bloggers, grocery departments etc).

A part of our terms and conditions, unless agreed other wise, We have the right to post and use all material created for our own advertisement and social media.

Can I have the raw images?

This is a frequently asked question and unfortunately we do not release any raw files. The reason we do this is the image is not completed just in camera, we sometimes may have to take 3 shots to create 1 image or need to make adjustments to the shot.

Some cases may be subject to the project if we are working with a retoucher or graphic designer.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help!

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