Meet your Creators! 

We are a small team of creators who specialise making large amounts of “creative” messes, eating our way through shoots and often find ourselves debating over who’s the better photographer.

Florence James Collective creates exceptionally cool content for business advertisement which breaks away from the norm. We are lovers of colour, quirky props and unique concepts.

Meet Our Team


 Im a Creative director, Photographer & Founder of Florence James Collective!

 People often think my name is Florence, But my actual name is Jesse Florence and the company was named after myself and my dad, Just like his company was (Florence James and his was JessieJaimes). I created Florence James Collective as a spring chicken at the age of 21 and it quickly and organically grew into the magical agency it is today. I’ve always been obsessed with magic, costume, styling, theatre, movies and of course, Disney which has strongly influences our style today.

A bit about me? Well theres a high possibility you’ll find me singing way to loud and drinking way to much coffee. My favourite part about our business is when I can rock up to work with a messy bun and trackies.. gotta be comfy on those shoots right haha.


Im the FJC head Videographer and highly valued light stand holder… Oh and Jess’s side kick partner in crime.

Some would say I’m the resident comedian, providing our shoots and social media with endless comedy. You’ll usually find me having a funny rant at Jess, showing off my best dance moves or attempting to sing. You can suss this out on our stories @florencejamescollective. I started out as a Semi Pro Tennis player before I unfortunately suffered from an injury which set me back! I met Jess on a photoshoot and some how ended up here. What a journey!

My favourite part about Florence James Collective is when clients leave left over foods and I get to consume Cinnamon Buns for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the week haha.

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