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We are a Brisbane based Content Creation Agency sprinkling our creative magic to accelerate global brands through delicious, quirky and engaging advertising material like no other. Photography is our peanut butter and videos are our jelly. We specialise in creating colourful, jaw dropping and down right epic material whilst creating branding identities.

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Food & Restaurant

Captivating potential customers with delicious food & beverage photography that looks so good that you can almost taste the dish.

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Product & Ecommerce

We create visual stories and marketing material through quirky and professional photography that align with your brand.

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Video Productions

Itty bitty branding videos that are fun and engaging or strategised promo videos to captivate an audience and tell a brand story.

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Studio Product Portraits

Theres no better way to sell a product to a human, than with a real person. Human element showcases customer experiences

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Branding Elements

To further engage your customers, we create branded educational graphic posts along with fun illustrations of your products

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A little about what we can offer working with FJC

Content that aligns with you

From ecommerce images, minimalistic and creative scenes, video, photos, stop motions and graphics, we can create a variety of styles and assets to align with your advertising needs

Extensive Backdrop & Prop Collection

When you work with us, you are granted complimentary access to our collection of props & backdrops

Creative Art Direction

Struggling with ideas?

You’ve come to the right place! We have an over load of imagination waiting to create epic content just for you

Fully Equiped Studio

There are no limitations with an environment ready to create and make a creative mess! Our studio is based on the heart of Brisbane, Australia!

Creative Set Styling

Immersive photography and video that tells a story through props, symbolism, colour and design. We create unique scenes that will captivate your customers

Team of Talent

From photography to videography, illustration and retouching, we are a creative team ready to share our skills with you to enhance your online and in-store presence

Product Retouching

Before Retouching

A good photo can be a great photo with a little extra love. As part of our services, we provide full advance retouching on all projects

After Retouching

  • Enhance logo
  • Remove dust & blemishes
  • Smooth Edges
  • Colour grade
  • Sharpen
  • Special effects

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The ultimate prop shop for any content creator! From quirky backdrops, unique blocks and risers, food styling kits, downloadable props and more. We’ve got your covered for any shoot requirements.

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